Our top picks at The Armory Show & VoltaNY

Top Recommendations for The Armory Show & VoltaNY 2012.

galleryIntell did all the homework for you! We scanned all the exhibitor lists, looked through their websites and talked to their directors. And here, as promised, is our list of not-to-be-missed 10 galleries that we recommend at The Armory Show.

Also, not to be missed is the artwork displayed by Kavi Gupta Gallery, Chicago, with an incredible contribution by Theaster Gates.

VoltaNY, the invitational show that focuses on single-artist exhibitions during, captures you with a vibrant energy as soon as you enter the 11th floor of the 7W34 building! There is a great vibe, and as you walk through the fair, there is a feeling of intimacy and expanse at the same time. Described as a boutique event, VoltaNY is a place to discover emerging galleries and their artists. Featuring galleries from around the world, the fair retains a sense of manageability and doesn’t overwhelm with its displays.  One gets a feeling of a ‘studio visit’ in every booth.

Here is our list of 5 not-to-be-missed booths from VoltaNY:

  • Pentimenti Gallery, Philadelphia presenting Mark Khaisman
  • Culture Shock, Brooklyn, presenting Finger Music Worldwide
  • Chaplini, Cologne, presenting Ralf Dereich
  • Mixed Greens, NYC, presenting Julianne Swartz
  • Marx & Zavattero, San Francisco, presenting William Swanson

Remember that the Armory Show is split into two exhibition spaces: Pier 92, featuring Modernist galleries and Pier 94 showing galleries that specialize in work by the Contemporary artists. It’s hard to cover both exhibition spaces in one visit, so we recommend splitting the trip into two days and focusing on one Pier at a time.