VIDEO: Edward Weston, Irving Penn, Ruth Bernhard at Scott Nichols Gallery

Iconic photographs by Irving Penn, Edward Weston and Ruth Bernhard in focus at AIPAD 2013.

Monochromatic kaleidoscope of classic imagery by the most recognizable artists of their time and medium – these words best describe the works brought by the San Francisco based Scott Nichols Gallery to AIPAD, 2013. A specialist in fine art photography, the gallery presented unique works by Irving Penn – ranging from his intimate portraits of well-known people, like Truman Capote, (discussed in this interview) Al Pacino, Pablo Picasso and Miles Davis, to his highly stylized fashion photographs for VOGUE.

In our conversation with Mr. Nichols, we also discovered a rare – very rare – double shell by Edward Weston. It is the only known photograph of double shells that is available for sale! Edward Weston’s name is synonymous with classic American photography of the first half of the 20th century. A staple at the top photography auctions, Weston’s subjects ranged from vast desert landscapes (Dunes Oceano) to the contorted peppers, cabbages and mushrooms that lent their terrific forms to new interpretations of shape.

One photograph that will forever stay in our minds is the captivating Hips Horizontal, 1975 by Ruth Berhard. The contours, the play of shadows and the sheer simplicity make the photograph just unforgettable! The beauty of this photograph is in the way it presents only a slice of the entire image, causing the mind to wander and complete the picture.

We asked Mr. Nichols which two photographs he would have liked to own as a collector. He donned the collector’s hat and pointed towards Edward Weston’s Shells, 1927 and Ruth Berhard’s Hips Horizontal, 1975. We are not surprised, and in his place, we would have most likely pointed towards the same photographs!

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