VIDEO: Chuck Close at Pace Prints. The Armory Show 2012.

Maybe it’s the direct gaze of the person addressing the viewer, often the artist himself, or a well-recognized celebrity, or perhaps it’s the cascading kaleidoscope of nestled ovoids, rhombs, squares and triangles making up the face, whatever the case, Chuck Close’s grandiose portraits and self-portraits have become recognized as masterpieces of contemporary art. Close, it can be argued, is making a direct reference to Vasily Kandinsky‘s “Color Study: Squares with Concentric Circles“, 1913. Both works examine color theory and effects of optical illusions created by juxtaposing related hues and allowing the eye to interpret the final color combination.

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galleryIntell talked to Jacob Lewis, Director at Pace Prints in New York, who described the intensely intricate process of creating this 213-color silk screen the gallery selected for their booth at The Armory Show.

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Interview © galleryIntell. Images courtesy of Pace Prints, Artwork © Chuck Close