The Armory Show 2012

What a brilliant start to The Armory Week! We begin with a power-packed trio of Paul Morris [Co-Founder,The Armory Show],

Glenn Lowry [Director, MoMA] & Noah Horowitz [Managing Director, The Armory Show]

Paul Morris: “…it’s time for us to make changes to the fairs that are as radical as they were when we started the fairs…”

Noah Horowitz: “…a lot of great galleries are returning this year…”

Glenn Lowry: “…we are looking at what’s happening at the fairs, and the galleries are looking at what’s happening at the museums…”

New York is buzzing with activity like never before. There is a frenzy surrounding the art fairs in the island city. We recommend you to bookmark the galleries in our next post and visit them to ‘experience’ the delightful works on display.

From The Armory Show, we have a list of 10 galleries. Watch this space tomorrow for glimpses of the artworks along with the names of these galleries. Watch the interviews with the selected galleries presenting at the Armory Show.

From VoltaNY, we have a list of 5 galleries. Upon visiting these galleries, you will have experienced the artistic direction that VoltaNY is veering towards. Watch the galleryIntell interviews with Mark Khaisman presented by the Pentimenti Gallery at VoltaNY.

 This video @ galleryIntell