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Botero - Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa by Fernando Botero

Yes, this is a rendition of Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa. No, this is not some cute digital artwork ...

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Jasper Johns - Flag

Flag by Jasper Johns

“One night I dreamed that I painted a large American flag, and the next morning I got up and I went out ...

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Luis Tomasello

Atmosphere Chromoplastique by Luis Tomasello

Barnett Newman famously said about his monolithic Vir Heroicus Sublimis that he expects the viewer ...

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Wayne Thiebaud - River Intersection

River Intersection by Wayne Thiebaud

Wayne Thiebaud's landscapes look like aerial views of beautiful happy pieces of land and still-life paintings ...

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Cut Ground Yellow & Blue by Sean Scully

"The stripe is a signifier of modernism." The very first time you see a Sean Scully's painting you ...

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Richard Serra - Band

Band by Richard Serra

Richard Serra is one of those contemporary artists who are either loved without question or wholly misunderstood ...

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Gerhard Richter "Bach" 1992

Bach by Gerhard Richter

Much of an abstract painter's work is done days, months or even years before he or she ever picks us ...

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