galleryIntell is a unique and first of its kind premier educational and advisory platform for art enthusiasts to learn about the art market as well as the connections between contemporary and modern art. We offer all original content in the form of video interviews, articles, reviews and recommendations for anyone looking to start or continue building a well-conceived and curated art collection. Our video interviews, also available as portable video podcasts, offer the viewer a chance to receive this invaluable information directly from the industry’s top experts – an approach entirely unique to galleryIntell.

KCo-Founder of galleryIntell, Kristina Nazarévskaia has been a working artist in New York City for the past 16 years. She holds a degree in Film and Art History from Hunter College in New York and a has recently added New York University’s Art Business certification to her credentials. She believes that everyone benefits from exposure to art, interaction with art and comfort in talking about art. This passion for art history and education prompted the launch of this venture. Kristina travels the world working on different art-related projects, drawing inspiration from everything around her and brings that knowledge to galleryIntell’s readers.

RamandeepRCo-Founder of galleryIntell, Ramandeep Kaur combines 8 years of experience in media sales & strategy along with a keen interest in art that she has cultivated over the years. Armed with an MBA degree, she charted the course of her career in top media houses in India. A painter & writer, she is has an acumen for exploring new ideas in business. Coming from a culturally rich Indian background, she appreciates visual & performing arts. Ramandeep wants to make a discernible contribution towards making sure that the ‘art language’ reaches the vocabulary of a wider audience. 

Kira SidorovaKContributing writer and assistant to a co-founder of galleryIntell, Kira Sidorova is equally interested in the mechanics of the art market and the art historical aspects of the field. With a background in architecture and art history and a recent MA in Art Business from the Sotheby’s Institute of Art, Kira freely navigates the nuances of the art world. She has a keen eye for novelty and potential in the works of art by emerging artists and particularly enjoys discovering art historical references in contemporary art.