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Sebastiao Salgado: GENESIS at Peter Fetterman Gallery.

In somewhat of a contrast to the biblical timeline, the Brazilian-born, Paris-based Sebastiao Salgado completed his GENESIS in just eight years. Traveling across five continents the photographer, who bears a striking resemblance to the famous American artist Richard Serra, documented a wide range of locations, subjects, emotions and situations. His expansive, high-contrast images at times read like journalistic diaries, each a snapshot of something very transient. And as you examine each of the frames, you can’t help but recall the famous National Geographic images of places far, far away.

Most of us don’t come in contact with any of the elements in Salgado’s photographs – the Indian miners, the fierce lions, tribal African women with lip plates and chin implants, the monumental icebergs, the stampeding herds of large animals, they exist somewhere outside of the comforts of our flat-screen TV’s and computer screens. And yet, the rest of the world is there. Salgado’s portraits of the Bushmen women, the Mursi and the Surma, and many others, capture intensely intimate moments in the lives of his subjects. And while his landscapes impress by the sheer span of his lens, it is the way Salgado sees people that makes him an extraordinary photographer.

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In this interview Peter Fetterman, talked about the top three images at the gallery’s booth at AIPAD, focusing on the photograph taken in Southern Sudan, titled “Cattle camp of Kei”, the “Chinstrap penguin colony” taken in Antarctica, and the “Church Gate Station” in Bombay.

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