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Peter Fetterman: I would probably say this from Dinka Cattle Camp, I think it’s an extraordinary beautiful image, Dinkas have a very special relationship with a cattle, they are almost like their children. So, if you and I had been walking in the middle of that camp, we probably would have been trampled to death, but it’s such a tender, wonderful photograph.

I’m very partial to penguins, so I love these beautiful images of penguins here. I think one of Salgado’s most important photographs is the train station in Mumbai. Salgado was concentrating on massive humanity coming out of these trains, every three or four minutes another train comes into the station and disgorges everybody. What attracted me to this image is the fact that this man is in focus and she is in focus, so theses are the only two people who are basically still in the whole image and if you are a romantic like me you think that this two people going to meet in the middle of chaos of Mumbai train station in rush hour.

As it’s very difficult for us to buy a million dollar Edward Weston photograph, these are still relatively affordable and very important.

Sebastiao Salgado’s GENESIS exhibition opened at the National History Museum in London on April 11 and ran through September 8, 2013.

This interview © galleryIntell. Images © Sebastiao Salgado. Images provided courtesy of Peter Fetterman Gallery.

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