galleryIntell says goodbye 2012 – hello 2013!

March 2012 – galleryIntell is born!

The concept to create a unique platform where an art enthusiast can learn about Modern art and the best of Contemporary art was long in the making but in 2012  galleryIntell went from being a passionate idea to share and educate to an awesome new reality! We too have learned much along the way. Through our conversations with artists, art historians, field experts and gallery owners we discovered some of the most important galleries from around the world and met amazing people who made 2012 an unforgettable year.

So we thought our very own “year-in-review” would a great way to re-visit some of the highlights of the past 12 months. After deliberating upon possible contenders, namely, five best interviews, five best moments, five best quotes or highlights of our journey so far, we realized that we couldn’t just pick five and not mention the rest, so perhaps sharing our list of favorite quotes would be a great way to start! Here they are:

From The Armory Show, Spring 2012:

Nicholas Logsdail, Lisson Gallery: “A great artwork is not exactly what it seems to be. If it is, then you might as well have a photograph.” (01:22)

From the artist’s interview, Spring 2012:

David Schorr, Artist with Mary Ryan Gallery: “He lives on a street in a small town in Russia where all houses are gray but he wants to paint his sky blue. His neighbors persecuted him and drove him mad… a typically “happy” Russian story…”

From AIPAD, Spring 2012:

Stephen Wilkes, Photographer with Peter Fetterman Gallery: “This photograph has become my ‘Where’s Waldo’ of brides.” (01:32)

From the Christie’s Impressionist & Modern Sale, Fall 2012:

Brooke Lampley, Senior Vice President and Head of Evening Sales: “In this year where the new record for Miró has been set twice, and [now] set at a very reasonable estimate of $12-18 million and being sold with a guarantee.” (04:50)

From Art Basel Miami Beach, Winter 2012:

Edwynn Houk, Edwynn Houk Gallery: “And then there is the famous story of how [Dora Maar] met Picasso at a café and at a large dinner party where she took a steak knife and she began to outline her hand and stab in between the fingers…” (03:55)

From Art Miami, Winter 2012:

Carole Hochman, Barry Friedman Ltd.:“[Michael Eastman’s photographs] are like portraits of people, without the people in them.”  (02:12)

In 2013 we will continue to intell the art exhibitions, art fairs and important art auctions and bring you curated results every week.

Best Wishes for a wonderful New Year!

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