VIDEO: Do Ho Suh and Teresita Fernandez at Lehmann Maupin Gallery

Interview transcript

Carla Camacho: For Freeze Art Fair we asked one of our artists, Teresita Fernandez, to make a new work for us. She has been looking into the history of gold as a material as well as the history of Chinese landscape painting. The work is gold chrome, it is not real gold. She was commissioned a few years ago to make work for LVHM, for the flagship store in Shanghai and she created the sculpture called Yellow Mountains and it’s an inverted sculpture that hangs from the ceiling. The material that she used for that sculpture called pyrite which is also known as fool’s gold.

Do Ho Suh is a Korean artist and he’s known for making fabric sculptures of spaces and homes where he has lived in in the past. This particular work is coming from Berlin and it’s three quarters inside of each other, kind of like a russian doll effect. They are the quarters in his apartment where he lived in Berlin in 2009-2010, while he was there for residency. This is a free-standing sculpture and it’s also very easy to fold up and then pop it up anywhere. That’s part of the idea behind the work as well is that you carry your home with you, so this is essentially like a tent that you fold up and then take with you somewhere else and pop it up again.

Do Ho Suh Wielandstr. 18, 12159 Berlin, 2011 polyester fabric 138.58 x 82.68 x 258.27 inches 352 x 210 x 656 cm Edition of 3.

Teresita Fernández Golden (Panorama) (detail), 2013 gold chroming and India ink on wood panel 3 panels, each: 72 x 48 x 2 inches.

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