VIDEO: Do Ho Suh and Teresita Fernandez at Lehmann Maupin Gallery

Teresita Fernandez and Do Ho Suh at Lehmann Maupin Gallery

The gallery focused its exhibition space at Frieze New York‘s second installment art fair on two artists with different backgrounds, visions and techniques. In our interview with the gallery’s director Carla Camacho we focused on the two artists’ inspiration for the works represented at Frieze.

Teresita Fernandez is a well-established American artists whose former commissions include a range of sculptural installations at the Louis Vuitton flagship store in Shanghai. The artist used pyrite, a bright shiny material, also known as fool’s gold, to create a beautiful inverted sculpture of the Yellow Mountains which was then suspended from the ceiling of the boutique. In her newest work, created especially for the art fair, Fernandez returned to the subject using a different set of tools and media to create the new landscape. Here she created the landscape across three joined vertical panels using india ink on gold chroming. The effect is an etherial and veil like wash of monochrome pigment spanning the length of the wall.

From the gallery: “These new drawings become like gestural film stills or cinematic panoramas.”

Do Ho Suh‘s work also references constructed landscapes, albeit on a very different scale. For the gallery’s booth at Frieze the Korean-born artist has faithfully recreated his living quarters while doing a residency in Berlin. Everything, down to the wall-mounted telephone, power outlets and door knobs has been faithfully recorded and recreated in this life-size installation made of green polyester fabric.

From the gallery: “Conceived while in residency at the DAAD Artists in Berlin Program from August 2009 to 2010, Do Ho Suh‘s Wielandstr.18, 12159 Berlin (2011) is a life-size replica of the three corridors within the 18th-century apartment the artist called home during his time in Germany.”

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