VIDEO: Kapoor Galleries: Vasudhara Mandala

Suneet Kapoor, Director of Kapoor Galleries, New York (now in new location at 34 East 67th street) talks about the exquisite Vasudhara Mandala – one of the earliest signed and dated Nepalese Mandalas known to exist. We are very happy to present this artwork in our interview, as classical South Asian artworks with such exceptional provenance are rare finds.

Signed by Jasaraja Jirili and dated 1365, this intricate ‘Paubha’ of Vasudhara Mandala is a monumental painting . Paubhas or a Thangkas are composed of finely-executed paintings subsequently mounted on silk cloths, intended not only to protect the painting, but to also allow it to be rolled up and transported.

At the center of the Mandala, you will see a six-armed goddess sitting in lalitasana on a lotus – that’s Vasudhara, the Buddhist deity thats symbolizes wealth, abundance and prosperity. The Mandala is replete with scenes of rituals, music and dance associated with the worship of the deity.

Vasudhara Mandala absorbs the viewer in its detailed imagery and warm color scheme. Watch the video to know more about this painting from the expert.

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