Dear Art Enthusiast…

Top 5 Art Recommendations for 2013!

2012 has been an exciting year for us and we have loved every moment of this fantastic journey, whether it was curating the best galleries at the Armory Show, ADAA, and Art Basel Miami Beach, putting together video interviews with a fantastic set of experts from the top galleries and auction houses, or writing about Egon Schiele and Mark Rothko. From our journey this year, the journey that you have been a part of as a viewer and our audience, here is our personal list of the Top 5 Recommendations for 2013 that will help you navigate the art world like a pro.

  1. Galleries are here to educate and do business. As you’ve seen from our many interviews, gallerists are really nice people who love to talk about their artists and the work they represent, so talk to them and don’t hesitate to ask questions. That said, it’s best to come a little prepared so that you can convert a simple question-answer session into an engaging interaction. We promise – it will be a highlight of the visit!
  2. Never EVER wear heels to an art fair. If you want to really see the whole event stick to comfortable shoes. Art fairs are fabulous places to see some great art and are fantastic people watching hubs! Grab a camera, take pictures, post them with #arteverywhere and @galleryIntell and let us and the world see what you see!
  3. Go on an art crawl! Every big city now has an art district – Chelsea, SoHo, Lower East Side, 57th street in NY. Pick up the Gallery Guide and make it a part of your calendar every other week (usually a Thursday night) to go out and get acquainted with the community!
  4. Sign up for newsletters. That is the best way to keep in touch with the art world if you can’t visit the art spots. Start here.
  5. Artists dedicate a lot of time and effort to creating their work, so taking the time to understand it is a must. If possible, try to schedule a studio visit and start the dialogue. Remember, it’s not about matching the painting to the couch! The work has to connect with you.

So here is to more fantastic art discoveries with galleryIntell in the new year!

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