The History of Appropriation in the Art World

September is here which means that within the next two weeks art galleries around the world, and of course here in NYC, will be launching their fall programming. September is also time for the first art fair of the season to welcome collectors and galleries. This year, during The Affordable Art Fair I am honored to be hosting a talk on The History of Appropriation in the Art World where my panelists will discuss a range of issues connected to appropriation art. Think Richard Prince and his Instagram show at Gagosian, or the recent cluster of copyright law suits brought on by musicians that raise the question of appropriation vs. inspiration in music.

During our conversation with some of the industry’s top experts we will look into the history of appropriation art, talk about different artists from the last 100 years who adapted this philosophy and practices into their work, and consider the effects of modern technology on the contemporary art practices, including image appropriation and distribution across the social media platforms. I am looking forward to welcoming you and your questions at The Affordable Art Fair held, as always, at the Metropolitan Pavilion on September 10th at 5pm.

Panel Discussion: The History of Appropriation in the Art World

Thursday, September 10 | 5:00pm
Join Kristina Nazarevskaia, co-founder of galleryIntell, as she leads a panel of art industry experts through the discussion of the history of art appropriation and the debate currently surrounding this topic. There are many artists over the last 100 years who relied heavily on art appropriation as their principal visual tools. Now, there is a mass availability of new tools (Instagram, FB, Pinterest, etc) that have changed the game. Has this also changed the definition of what is appropriated art?

Panel Participants:
Kristina Nazarevskaia, galleryIntell (co-founder)
Cait Munro, artnet (writer and reporter)
Lizzie Gill, artist (mixed media specialist)
Michael McCullough, Pearlstein & McCullough LLP (founding partner)

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