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Sally Morgan Lehman: [The Armory Show] has this incredible history here in New York City as being a venue for new art and new artist. We are showing Kysa Johnson at The Armory Show this year, it’s our first year and we are really excited to be participating. We have an amazing show in the gallery right now, solo show of Kysa’s work, and what we are taking to The Armory is an installation.

It is a single piece, she’s been working on for almost a year in the studio. We built the booth in the studio. She’s created a scale model of the Bank of America waiting room, it is all over laid with images of Piranesi ruins. The show is called Empire Loop and it’s all about the rise and fall of Empire. Bank of America is a symbol of our current situation, so it is very timely piece but she’s obviously tapping historical, currents trends from the 19th century and earlier. It’s a big statement that we gonna be making.

There is an amazing energy there, there is a lot of buzz, there is great work there. It’s amazing that anything has that much longevity in New York City. I know Frieze is an important fair that has just started here but we are really proud to be part of The Armory this year and be part of the history of what that represents.

As a gallerist in Chelsea also I love that The Armory is here in Manhattan, it’s close by and all the curators I know, many collectors that come from out of town, they wanna go to The Armory, they wanna come to the gallery, there is a lot of energy, it creates a lot of energy in Chelsea, that’s my experience.


Kysa Johnson’s previous series, titled Landscape/Pollutants,  Diseases and CuresEcstasy/Ecstasy/ Saints and Visions use the qualities of one of these elements to create the other. For her Landscape/Pollutants Kysa wrote: “The pollutant/landscape series are drawings of the molecular structure of the environmental pollutants ethane, methane, propane, hexane, benzene, and acrolein. […] these compositions are based on Hudson River School landscapes.” Watch Kysa Johnson talk about her incredible art installation:

Morgan Lehman Gallery is located at Pier 94: The Armory Show – Contemporary.

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