VIDEO: Inigo Manglano-Ovalle | The Armory Show

Christopher Grimes: The Cloud Storm System that we have, is a project that continues to explore the idea of climate that [Inigo Manglano-Ovalle] began in mid 90s. He uses the cloud as a metaphor to talk about migration as well as climate and potential and pending danger of our situation as we move into the 21st century.

Inigo’s work is always couched in a formal elegant langiage but he’s always dealing with socio-political issues. He works very closely with scientists and I think that even though his ideas are somewhat remote they are willing to work with him as in the next project, which is the Sharing Foundation, Bird in Space, which flown at mach 10 in Ernst Mach’s wind tunnel, so it’s approximately six thousand miles an hour. He’s using Brancusi’s sculpture – Bird in Space, that had problems with Immigration and Customs in United States because the authorities thought that is was some kind of a machine apparatus rather than art work so this became a critical juncture in talking about an iconic image of modernism reentering our culture – our contemporary culture, through essentially a ballistic test that ties back into his earlier work where he was dealing with ballistics and ballistic gelatins, things of that sort.

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