VIDEO: Edward Weston, Irving Penn, Ruth Bernhard at Scott Nichols Gallery

Interview transcript

Scott Nichols: This is a photograph by Irving Penn, Truman Capote. It’s one of Irving Penn’s iconic photographs. It’s a platinum print. Platinum is the most valued of the modalities that Irving Penn used.

In addition, we have a Ruth Bernhard photograph here called Hips Horizontal, 1975. Ruth made the whole frame herself, everything is made by Ruth and then it’s signed down here on a frame. It’s one of a kind.

Edward Weston’s Double Shell is illustrated in The Conger book, which is a compendium of about 2,200 photographs that The Center of Creative Photography has done in Arizona. It’s the archive of Edward Weston. This is a matt surface photograph from around 1927 and it’s the only know one to be out on a local market.

I wanna talk about Irving Penn’s Man In White, Woman In Black and it’s a platinum print from Morocco 1971, printed 1976 and it pretty much expresses what’s going on in the Middle East right now.

All these images I showed you are iconic and incredibly rare, as a collector, I’d have to say the Double Shells and the other one would be Ruth Bernhard’s Hips Horizontal.

This interview © galleryIntell. Images provided courtesy of the Scott Nichols Gallery. Image courtesy Edward Weston, Shells 1927 – Center for Creative Photography.

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