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Interview transcript:

Leila Heller: At The Armory we are showing a group exhibition of some of our top artists. The highlight of our booth is a video of Farideh Lashai. Farideh Lashai is one of the most well known Iranian painters who is a landscape painter but in the last ten years she has brought forth in her art the element of video and animation.

Ayad Alkadhi has created special work for our booth. His work for The Armory deals with the Arab Spring.

We are celebrating the hundred year of The Armory by featuring the work of Rachel Hovnanian, an American artist based in New York who’s is from Texas originally. For The Armory she’s coming up with a big surprise, it is going to be her Motherboards and her Reflections but then she is going to have a table that has been specially made for The Armory and it is going to be very interactive.

Hadieh Shafie, whose work has recently been purchased by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, she is starting a whole new series of works. Usually she worked in squares and in tandoes. This new series of work are inspires by the shapes of the Turkmen jewelry. She is going to have series of six works that were done specially for The Armory.

One of the other highlights of our show at The Armory is the first showing of the works of Reza Aramesh. It’s a double sculpture of two human forms, they are always 3/4 lengths. This one is in a form of Pietá, basically it’s a dying Iraqi soldier in the arms of an Iranian soldier. A contemporary figures yet they have been depicted in a form of a Renaissance portrayal of the Pietá. This is his debut in the United States. So we are very excited by what we are featuring at The Armory.

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