VIDEO: Galerie Andreas Huber | VIENNAFAIR

Galerie Andreas Huber was established in 2005 in Vienna and has been participating in the VIENNAFAIR ever since the fair’s inception. This year, the gallery’s founder and director Andreas Huber served as the curatorial advisor for the art fair. galleryIntell interviewed Mr. Huber at the start of the fair about the platform in general, how it has evolved over the years and its main benefits for the collectors.

Andreas Huber: What’s important for the fair is that it’s constantly growing in terms of the quality of exhibitors and the collectors it’s bringing to town, so I think that a long time commitment is important [not only from the fair but from the galleries exhibiting]. VIENNAFAIR is a good platform for people who are just starting to collect art. It’s also a good introduction that allows them to earn more about the art market.

The fair is dedicated to Central and Eastern Europe and Russia, so I think for us it’s really important to get more contact from these territories and they in turn also get to see what the galleries are offering, in terms of not only the money and buying the artworks but also  in general about the galleries’ programs.

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