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Rick Wester: So the three works that I would choose from our booth Horst P. Horst Round the Clock. This is a platinum print which is fairly rare, it’s from a very small edition, it was produced in 1990’s. Platinum print has a real depth of tone to it, there is a tactile feel to the surface of the picture and it’s obviously a picture that has such a great sensuality that I think the medium becomes the message.

So we have Irving Penn’s black and white Vogue cover. This is a picture that’s really central to understanding Mr. Penn’s role in 20th century as a tastemaker. This was on a cover of Vogue in April, 1950 and you see it’s a very reductive picture, the tonality is really reduced to almost a silhouette. The picture just screams mid-century design to me.

Here we have a photograph by Josef Sudek, who is a Czech photographer. This is a photograph that’s been done somewhere between 1955 and 1970. What’s particularly special about this print is it was signed and dedicated to Tennyson Schad by Josef Sudek.

All the works that I’ve shown you are in excellent condition, by very prominent artists and the works themselves are exquisite.

The Laurie Lambrecht Hangzhou Koi is a picture that I actually almost brought home. This personifies for me what my gallery is about.

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