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Leigh Conner: We are extremely pleased to be at The Armory and The Armory Focus this year because the focus is on America. [Lincoln Schatz] is from Chicago and we are from D.C. and it’s about American innovation. So what you have here is a digital video portrait of 89 American innovators who are based in and around Washington D.C. What you’ll see when you come to the space is you’ll see people telling their life stories, then each story is meta tagged and with that meta tag is then put in to his custom software. It randomly samples each individual topic, so say for example, somebody is talking about coming to America as an immigrant at the age of two, somebody else maybe talking about immigration reform and somebody else maybe talking about immigration reform on the internet. So we made them to say, “Hey, I’m Vint Cerf, I work at Google and yet my life is the internet”. It’s a constant conversation.

Lincoln Schatz: The network is a portrait work of 89 individuals from Washington D.C. area. I’m really looking at the larger story, at the grand narrative. I’ve created system that is a new way of storytelling. So there is no one way of understanding what’s going on in Washington. These people are from all sectors in this project. From elected officials, the Senate of the House, Justices, people from the technology sector, and these are all video stills, still digital images. and start to look at the inner relationship at the connections between different people.

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